While it’s a very exciting time, it’s very common for clients to feel nervous about having their photos taken. Lots of people think they won’t enjoy being in front of the camera. Your maternity photos might be your first professional photography session since your wedding. Naturally, you might feel nervous about your close-up. It’s pretty common for one or both partners to feel nervous about the session.

I want you to know that these feelings are common and okay. My goal is for you and your partner to feel excited about your maternity session. I love it when I hear from my clients how much they enjoyed the session experience.

Here are seven tips to help you and your partner feel comfortable during your maternity photoshoot.

1. Choose Outfits You Love

For both of you, choose an outfit that you love and will feel comfortable wearing. This is a great start for both of you to feel comfortable during your maternity session. My clients have access to my full client wardrobe as part of their full-service portrait experience. This collection features maternity dresses in all different styles, colors, and sizes. We have coordinating shirts for dads and options for everyone in your family.

2. Pamper Yourself

I highly recommend pampering yourself before the session. You deserve it. Plus, having your hair and makeup done will help you feel beautiful and ready to have some fun in front of the camera. My mama receives hair and makeup services from a professional stylist.

3. Focus on the Baby Bump

If you and your partner feel nervous about being the center of attention, I have good news. Your beautiful baby bump is the star of the show during your session. All you need to do is focus on your love and excitement for this baby, and you’ll feel your nerves melt away.

4. Focus on Your Partner

Still, feel nervous? I find that if you and your partner focus on each other, you can feel more relaxed and calm. In fact, during the session, I’ll encourage you to interact with each other. During the session, all you need to do is show love to each other. I’ll be there documenting your love with my camera.

5. Take Deep Breaths and Envision the Final Result

This works. Before the session, take a few nice deep breaths to calm any nerves or fears. After you finish taking deep breaths, imagine seeing these images on the wall of your home. The breathing and visualization help calm your brain and focus on what you’re looking forward to after the session.

6. Share Any Feelings with Your Photographer

Please share any feelings you and your partner have about your session with me. As a maternity photographer, I’m happy to know about these things so that I can fully support you and your partner during the session.

7. Choose a Photographer You Love

Finally, choose a photographer that you’re excited about working with for maternity photos. Look for one whose style you love so you know you’ll love the photos. Collaborating with a photographer that you love and trust will help you and your partner feel calmer for the session.

Uriah Digital: Maternity Photographer

I hope these seven tips help you feel comfortable and confident for your maternity photography session. If I missed anything, please feel free to send me a message here. I’m happy to help. I want you and your partner to love your Niagara maternity portrait experience. My goal is for my clients to feel listened to and supported through the entire process.

If you’re interested in scheduling your maternity photos with me, please contact me here.